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We offer Auto, Residential and Commercial window tinting to provide you with comfort, good looks, and safety, ALL DELIVERED BY PROFESSIONALLY TRAINED INSTALLERS.

 For additional information regarding the latest products, the most IR reducing films in the industry and available shades/colors, please see below:

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Why come to Sunshield Glass Tinting to tint your Auto?

Tinting of your auto’s windows will not only beautify the look of your vehicle but it will also provide you protection.   Tinting your windows will reject up to 99.9% of ultraviolet rays.  The film that we utilize contains an ultraviolet absorbing layer and will greatly reduce incoming solar heat and decrease the use of your auto’s air conditioning.

In addition, tinting creates privacy for you and your valuables.

Remember, tinting is probably the most essential improvement that can be made to any car.  We utilize LlumarStar technology material that will keep your film from changing color, bubbling, cracking, peeling or demetalizing for as long as you own your car.

Our auto tinting installation includes:

1. Dust free installation environment
2. Filtered water is utilized for film application on windows
3. One piece film custom fit on the back/rear window
4. Micro-edge technique used for side windows
5. Quality installation in 90 minutes or less (by appointment)

We offer a very comprehensive selection of high performance and stylish shades for you to choose from.  Please visit our showroom to view all of the different colors and shades available and we will gladly provide suggestions to customize the look of your car.

The material that we utilize is the most advanced product in the market and will not interfere with the signals of your satellite radio, navigation system, remote keyless entry and cell phone.

Why come to Sunshield Glass Tinting to tint your Home?

Many homeowners choose to tint the windows of their homes in order to prevent fading of fabrics and furnishings and protect the beauty of valuable artwork against rays of sun. 

In addition, safety film helps protect from shattered glass fragments during earthquake and theft.  Once installed to the inside surface of a window, the film has a powerful adhesive system that bonds tightly to the glass increasing its shatter resistance.  And, the film helps hold broken glass together thwarting the would-be burglar and providing extra time for authorities to respond.

residential window tinting

Tinting will also help reduce your energy bills and increase occupant comfort.  Our films reject almost 100% of damaging ultraviolet, reduce incoming glare and a significant amount of solar heat energy and this will increase the energy efficiency of your home; the energy bill savings will continue year after year.   By reducing the transmission of solar energy, the life of your window coverings and drapes is extended.

pie chart diagram

Architects, interior designers recommend tinting to their clients for a long-term solution for protecting furniture and updating the look of their windows.  Whether your home is contemporary, traditional, old or new, it deserves the very best to preserve its beauty and value.  Our professional tint installation to your windows will do just that while adding to the comfort and protection of your home.

We offer a variety of residential film material depending on your preference:  Reflective, Specialty, Privacy, Safety/Security and Decorative films.    We invite you to our showroom to view the film variety that you can select from and/or to make an appointment with us so we can discuss in detail your application and tinting requirements.

Why come to Sunshield Glass Tinting to tint your Commercial Building/Space?

commercial glass tintingWindow film can transform the building’s appearance by improving the building aesthetics, creating uniformity, and overcoming the visual distraction of multifarious office windows.  Air conditioning and heating costs can also be reduced, creating a more comfortable environment for tenants.  Finally, in the event of disaster, tenants are protected from broken glass and the building envelope is not compromised.

The window film that we utilize for our projects has been installed in the following locations:

  • Omni Austin in Austin, Texas
  • Bank of America building in Sarasota, Florida
  • Sheraton Brookhollow Hotel in Houston, Texas
  • International Center of Photography in New York, New York
  • Harry & David’s Country Store in Medford, Oregon
  • Sheraton Brookhollow Hotel in Houston, Texas
  • Los Angeles City Center Holiday Inn
  • New York City Fire Museum

For retail stores, our window films help prevent the “smash and grab” thefts.  Merchandise and business assets are protected from sun damage.  In addition after a natural disaster, like an earthquake or windstorm, the film can help hold a broken pane of glass in place discouraging looting.

For retail stores or offices spaces, we can bring color and texture to virtually any glass window, door or divider.  Our decorative film puts multiple colors and patterns at your disposal.  Black, white, frost, frosted, silver and bronze films are available.  You can customize a space with a corporate logo or signage.  And choose from dozens of patterns to create enriching visuals; overlap multiple patterns to create signature effects.  Patterned films are available to give the appearance of etched glass.

Are you tired of graffiti on your storefront windows?  The solution is to install anti-graffiti film.  By placing a thick, clear film on your windows, you will be protecting your expensive glass from getting scratched and damaged.  The film can easily be removed and replaced after being defaced. 

Manufacturer’s Warranty

When installed by our professional installers, our auto, residential and commercial film products will carry a manufacturer’s warranty for materials and labor.  The warranty covers peeling, cracking, demetallizing, delamination, and adhesive failure.




The warranty covers peeling, cracking, demetallizing, delamination, and adhesive failure.

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